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Below are instructions for uploading a file. For an explanation of how the process works, please see the How it works page.

Disclaimer: To begin you must read and understand the warning at the top of the Upload page and check the box confirming this. If you don't check the box, you will not be able to continue.

1: Enter the Email Address(es) of the Recipient(s) that you want to receive the link to the file. You may enter multiple recipients by separating them with a comma, however, the maximum number of downloads is 10. If you enter more than 10 recipients or use a group email address, only the first 10 downloads will be allowed.

2: Enter your email address. Make sure it is entered correctly because you will be receiving a confirmation email containing information about your upload. This confirmation will contain a link to the download status and a link to remove the file from the server, if necessary.

3: Enter the file(s) to upload. Use the Browse button to locate the file to upload and to confirm proper entry of the file's location. Click on the 'Add More Files' link to added up to 5 files. If you need to upload more than 5 files, consider compressing the files into a zipped file (.ZIP), then upload the zipped file.

Message: This is an optional field in which you can give a brief message that the recipient will receive along with a link to the file.

4: Click the Send button and the upload will begin. Be sure not to close the browser or go to another webpage until you receive the "successfully uploaded" screen. Of course, upload times can vary drastically depending upon your ISP's upload speed, the size of the file, server utilization and many other variables. Once you receive the successful upload screen, you are done. You should then check your mailbox for the confirmation email.

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