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   How it works   

The following is a description of how the process works. For details on how to use the file transfer, check out the Instructions.

In the past, email systems became bloated with large file attachments that were not deleted from mailboxes. To keep this from happening, many email systems, including our Illinois.Gov system, have placed a maximum size limit on attachments. Certain types of files will also be blocked. This file transfer utility is made available to valid Illinois.gov users to help transfer files that they cannot transfer via email.

Here is how it works.

The Upload:
A person goes to the upload page and fills in the form and then uploads a file. The file is then stored on a DoIT file server. At this time, a long random key is assigned that allows access to only those who have the key. No one else will have access to your file except those you choose to have the key. After the file is uploaded, an email message containing the key is sent to the names in the Recipient Email Address field. A confirmation email containing the key is also sent to the uploader/sender, as well as a link to remove the file if need be.

The Download:
The recipent(s) receive an email containing a message about the file and a hyperlink (link to website) which contains the key. All they need to do is click the link and they will be directed to a download website. The download webpage contains information about the uploaded file as well as a button to begin the download. Upon selecting the download button, a box will appear asking the downloader where they want to store the file on their local system. Upon selection, the download will take place and the recipient will receive the file.

The Facts:
Only 5 files can be uploaded at a time. If you need to upload more than 5 files, consider compressing the files into a zipped file (.ZIP), then upload the zipped file.
Only 10 downloads are allowed per uploaded file.
A valid Illinois.Gov email address has to be in the "To" or "From" field.
The file will expire after 5 days, then it will be purged from the server.

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