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Can someone guess my key?
The key is 30 alpha/numeric, case sensitive characters long. If it was base 10, the chance of guessing your key would be 1 in 9999999999999999999999999999999. Since the key is base 62, (62 possibilities per digit), it would be EXTREMELY unlikely.

If my upload is safe from others, why bother to encrypt sensitive files?
Just as with emailing a file attachment, any sensitive or restricted data should be encrypted before uploading. Users are responsible for following their employing organization's privacy, confidentiality, security and publication requirements for transmission of sensitive or restricted data. A sender needs to collaborate with a recipient prior to sending an encrypted file in order to confirm that the recipient has the ability to unencrypt the file once it has been received.
For more information about Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption services and the State of Illinois Digital Signature Project, visit http://www.illinois.gov/pki

Why am I limited to only 10 Recipients?
Why can I only upload 5 files at once?
Because this file transfer utility can be accessed by the public, we must apply certain limitations. Though people who work for the State of Illinois can be held accountable for the improper use of this utility, the general public could prove harder. If you need to upload more than 5 files, consider compressing the files into a zipped file (.ZIP), then upload the zipped file.

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